Agriculture Adventures: RAS Farm Days 2023!

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW’s Farm Days at Sydney Showground is the place to be! This week, amongst other food and fibre exhibitors, PIEFA and Australian Good Meat are set-up to welcome young learners from primary and early high school.

What’s on the agenda at the PIEFA | Australian Good Meat exhibition? Students get hands-on with three mini-workshops. They delve into the practice of drenching, and discover why vaccinating livestock is vital to a farm’s operation.  The ‘peg teeth’ activity is loads of fun, with students using wooden laundry pegs to demonstrate the age of sheep. And, of course, no farm day is complete without a session with Farmer Deb and two of her sheep! With Farmer Deb, students learn about the dietary habits of livestock and get up close and personal with sheep wool.

Other exhibitors included cotton farming and honey making – and there were demonstrations from dairy farmers, too.

RAS’s Farm Days provides a rare opportunity to engage with food and fibre education in an environment that’s hands-on and tailored to the STEM curriculum. Take it from Nicole, a Year 2 teacher who couldn’t hide her excitement: “We are having the best day! We’ve learnt all about meat production, have seen cows get milked, and learned about bee pollination for honey making.”

This event is the 3rd Farm Days for 2023, with the final event taking place from November 20 to December 21st, 2023.

Farm Days offers a unique adventure into the world of agriculture, making learning not just informative but genuinely fun. 🚜🌾

Find out more here: www.rasnsw.com.au/education/farm-days/