2024 PIEFA AIA Student Compendium Intern

In December 2023, the Primary Industries Education Foundation Association (PIEFA) in association with Ag Institute Australia (AIA) South Australia Division selected Mackenzie Coopman as the 2024 PIEFA Student Compendium Intern.

Mackenzie is entering his third year of an Agricultural Sciences Undergraduate degree at the University of Adelaide. He lives in Adelaide and chose to study Agricultural Sciences to combine his passions for science and business. Mackenzie is not from an agricultural background and wants to help other students discover agriculture as a pathway for education and a career.

“I have experienced first-hand an education where I was not taught about primary industries. Since becoming involved in agriculture, I have come to see the importance of improving the resources and outreach for agricultural education.”

He has just completed a 6 week long international internship program in Indonesia and will soon commence engagement with PIEFA Student Engagement Officer and develop a shared plan for the student engagement projects in SA and assist their connection and traction in SA.

About the role

The PIEFA Student Compendium Intern’s role includes working with:

  • CEO and Communications Executive to help coordinate the PIEFA contribution to the 2024 Student Compendium.
  • Student Engagement Officer on PIEFA’s student engagement projects and assist their connection in
  • AIA-SA, AIA national and other state divisions to provide a valued Intern voice at the table as they develop their Compendium.
  • AIA National funding partners as they scope a “National Compendium”, that will hopefully be in the form of a searchable e-portal to develop sustainable processes that drive the “e-culture” and regularly promotes the engaging opportunities.

The team at PIEFA are excited to welcome Mackenzie on board as the AIA Student Compendium Intern for 2024. We look forward to collaborating on opportunities in food and fibre education in the South Australia region!