To support all teachers and organisations who are engaged in agricultural and related education pursuits.


Tasmanian Agricultural Education Network (TAEN)

President: Clare Peltzer, ​clarepeltzer@gmail.com
Vice-president: Sally Murfet (Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association — Agriskills)
Secretary: Jill Bennett (Department of Education)

Treasurer: Stephen Ives (University of Tasmania)
Publicity officer: Andrew Harris (Department of Education) 

What is TAEN?

Established during 2015 to promote agricultural education in Tasmanian schools, the Tasmanian Agricultural Education Network (TAEN) has
transitioned into an association affiliated with the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE). Membership of the TAEN is not only for educators, but also individuals and groups interested in promoting high- quality agricultural education. 

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TAEN objectives:

  • Promote the delivery of high-quality agricultural education in Tasmania. 

  • Inspire greater interest in agriculture throughout the Tasmanian community.
  • Arrange and assist in arranging meetings, conferences and other activities in keeping with the objectives of TAEN.
  • Collaborate with other bodies within Tasmania and elsewhere, which share an interest in agriculture.
  • Improve and promote agricultural career pathways in line with industry requirements.
  • Provide opportunities to showcase Tasmanian food and fibre and associated industries.
  • Organise events and other professional learning opportunities relevant to high-quality agricultural education.

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