Tocal College’s Farm Learning Centre on show

Tocal College has established a learning centre to support high school students studying agriculture, science and geography. The new centre sits on the Tocal dairy farm, so students can connect and understand a modern commercial dairy farm currently producing 2.6 million litres of milk a year. The College is operated by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and is able to provide the most up to date technical and scientific information to support student learning whatever stage they are at.

Tocal College is proud to connect students and teachers with agriculture to grow their understanding of industry practice, technology, skills, and careers. The College does this by showcasing its farms, supported by resource material and the latest data. It is also extends this opportunity through the Tocal virtual farm that can be accessed by schools anywhere via this link. 

Demand for Tocal College schools’ program and resources as increased dramatically in recent years. During the last 12 months the schools program with its partners reached more than 10,000 school students. A further 38,877 people accessed our digital resources. With a new learning centre at the Tocal Dairy, we are now in a position to better service that demand and improve the local learning experience. While the training centre is based on the Tocal dairy the experiences and information the students can gather comes from across the farm enterprises, particularly beef, sheep and the free-range egg enterprise. 

Tocal College is one of Australia’s leading agricultural colleges with statewide responsibility for vocational training in agriculture and conservation and land management. It also delivers programs from its Yanco campus and at many of New South Wales DPI’s research Institutes around the state.  The learning centre recently hosted guests at Tocal’s 2023 Foundation Day. This day commemorates the opening of the college in 1965 by then Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies.

To find out more about NSW’s Tocal College, visit: https://www.tocal.nsw.edu.au/